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 Choosing District  Leadership

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Your Vote is Your Power

“E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many One), House District 53, Nashville-Davidson County, and the State of Tennessee!
In the United States of America, we subscribe to a “Republic” form of government. As such, government is directed by the will of the people, on behalf of the people.  Currently, there are 99 members of the Tennessee General Assembly. Their duties include the preparation and consideration of legislation, reviewing and amending submitted budgets, and helping to solve constituents' grievances with the state government. Unfortunately, over the last few years more things have divided us than united us. The constituents of Tennessee House District 53 deserve to have representation in the legislature capable of working across political lines in the general interest of all constituents despite their party affiliation. We need leadership in the house that can open greater communication with the Nashville Mayor’s office, Metropolitan Council, and the General Assembly.
In 2024 we have a chance to elect the right leadership we need! Now that the candidates who will appear on the November 5, 2024 ballot are known, the district needs to hear from them all by way of debates covering critical concerns of the district and Davidson County at-large. 

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